How to Surf | Your Guide to Surfing

If you've ever caught yourself saying, "I want to learn how to surf", you have come to the right place. This free online guide to surfing provides you with the information to learn surf basics like choosing a good beginner surfboard, where to surf, how to pop up and how to paddle a surfboard. You'll find instructional surfing videos and more.

Surfing is such a pure and amazing experience. I hope this website encourages you to get out there.

Learn How to Surf

SURFhow is here to help beginner surfers learn how to surf and help intermediate surfers with some of the finer points as their surfing progresses. I have tried to write this information in a clear, easy to understand manner, without the “surfer attitude” you may have run into when asking questions of surfers. There is a lot of information within the website, so be sure to bookmark the site for future reference.

Free Learn To Surf Ebook

SurfHow has put together the "How To Surf" Ebook. The Surfing Ebook is available for download. It's hassle free, no emails are required to download the book.

Learn How To Surf Ebook

The download page is here: How To Surf Ebook

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Beginner Surfing Instruction

In the Learn To Surf - Basics section of the website you will learn the essential elements required for successful surfing.

Topics covered include:
  • Detailed instructions on for beginners
  • Choosing the right type of surfboard
  • Explanations of the different types of surf breaks
  • Wave safety and information on rip tides
  • Reference page with common surfing terms

Beginner Surfboards

When it comes to buying a beginner surfboard, the choices seem limitless. Softtop, shortboard, funboard or longboard? Fiberglass or epoxy surfboard? New or used? Surfboards are designed for many different styles and levels of surfing abilities. Different surfboard styles are explained and you are guided through the process of deciding which surfboard is best for you in our Surfboard Info section. A surfboard option available to beginner surfers is the Softboard Surfboard. These are great surfboards for kids learning to surf.

Intermediate Surf Instruction

The Intermediate Surf section of the website addresses some of the finer points in surfing. The section covers topics like How To Duck Dive a Surfboard. Duck diving a surfboard is a surfing skill used to easily get through a breaking wave or heavy whitewater. There aren't many steps involved, but when you are out surfing, getting the timing right when performing the duck dive takes a lot of practice. I also discuss the difference between trimming your surfboard and carving. Trimming Your Surfboard.

Surfing Accessories is a section of the website where I review surf products in the marketplace. The most popular surf product review page on the site is Surfboard Racks For Cars and Trucks.

If you are planning a trip, you'll find a useful list of airline surfboard bag charges in the surf travel section of the site. Did you know some airlines have blackout periods during peak travel times where they won't accept your surfboard on the plane? Some airlines charge up to $250 each way for your surfboard! While others simply consider your surfboard part of your checked baggage and your surfboard is free. Check it out if you plan to travel with your surfboard. If you're traveling on an airline that isn't listed on the page, please send me an email and I'll update the page. My email address is

Have you tried to search for surf videos yet on a particular surfing topic? It can take some time to find one that covers your question. Here, you will find good quality instructional surf videos. Also, one of the key things to learn to surf is simply the act of watching good surfers. So there is a section with great surfing videos too. Through watching great surfers and really paying attention to what they are doing and where they are placing themselves (on their surfboard and on the wave) you will learn to surf better. As you progress you'll come to understand that the three most important aspects are paddling strength, wave selection and stance. You can learn two of the three by watching others at the beach and on surf videos.


I love surfing in Costa Rica. If you are looking for the best places to surf in Costa Rica, check out my top ten list of surf beaches on the Surfing Costa Rica page, complete with videos of each beach. The best place to learn to surf in Costa Rica is at Playa Carmen which is in Santa Teresa and Mal Pais. Located on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, Santa Teresa is one of the country's most beautiful coastal locations. It is not crowded, yet there is a great variety of restaurants and hotels to choose from with something for every budget.